Aashika Gupta & Whisk Me Away SF (Launched june 2015)


Aashika Gupta, my roommate at Parsons The New School for Design. Although she has since moved back to her hometown in India, her opinions and critique about my work are held at the highest regard. Aashika is a freelance designer, who takes her inspiration from new experiences, cultures, people and of course foods. Children's Education is also a matter close to her heart. She explores creative expression in art, English, reading and story telling as a volunteer teacher at Teach For India. By spending time with her students, they too, have managed to teach her a thing or two about creativity. After all, what can be more inspiring than children who believe anything is possible and have an imagination that we continue to strive for?

aashika cards camera pic.jpg

Thanks to her love of food and her constant support in Whisk Me Away, she created adorable illustrative greeting cards exclusively for us! We worked together to come up with a  play-on-words using baking related terms. After narrowing down the list to our favorites, she created colorful illustrations accordingly. So if you're gifting our cupcakes and cookies, you may want to add a little extra sugar with her cards in our Order page!

[Baby announcement, Sorry, Just Because, Wedding, Sweet Tooth, Moving Away and a few more to come soon.] 

Interested in working with her? Check out her website!