How we Started

For as long as I can remember, the kitchen has always been my family's version of a living room. We'd all plop down in the kitchen, while my mother worked her magic. Even today, the kitchen is our most sacred place at home. All our family bonding sessions, intense discussions, the creation and discovery of ingenious recipes (or so we believe) happens here. It's where I learned some of my most valuable lessons, while stuffing my face of course. As I got older, my love for the kitchen and all its wonders grew, and I slowly got focused on baked goods thanks to my uncontrollable desire for sweets.

Nearly five years ago, my brother and mom launched a phenomenal chocolate company called Xocolatti, whose jewel-like truffles are inspired by my father’s jewelry background. I helped and watch Xocolatti grow, from the initial stages of what to name the company, to scouting out retail locations, I was involved every step of the way.

With a characteristically entrepreneurial family, I was bound to follow that path. Around junior year of college, I began brainstorming ideas of how to start a baked goods company. From then till now, I was stuck in the “idea” phase of Whisk Me Away, but didn’t have the time to execute. After moving to San Francisco, I was inspired by the start-up culture and quickly jumped on the bandwagon. On my birthday in December 2014, Whisk Me Away was finally born!