Our Mission


I've often been asked, "There are so many cookie and cupcake bakeries out there, why not start something else?"

The answer - "Simple! Because I love baking, especially cookies and cupcakes!"

After moving to San Francisco, I tried to experience all that this city has to offer. In the short time that I've been here, I learned a few very important traits of S.F.

1  Everyone is all about local, home-grown and homemade.

2  Supporting start-ups isn't a fad,  it's a way of life.

3  Everyone is open to collaborate!

With that in mind, and my desire to create a company that is more than "just another cookie and cupcake company"- albeit a delicious one, we came up with our goal:

To collaborate with local artists, designers, foodies and entrepreneurs, and provide a new experience for our customers. Follow us on social media to see our mission manifest itself, and in the meanwhile don't be shy to help yourself to a sweet treat!

We hope to Whisk You Away!