First Time Mom


I’ve dabbled in blogging, starting and stopping over the past 5 years. Every time I start, I’d tell myself, “Okay, let’s keep it going”. But a few posts in, I find myself at a loss of what to write about. My blogs were mostly food centric, but I slowly realized, or rather, came to admit that I’m not one to stop and take gorgeous photos while cooking and then posting about it. Perhaps one day, I’m just not there yet.


On June 12th 2017, I became Mommy to our baby boy, Aaryav. He is now 3.5 months old, and gets cuter, more amazing and smarter everyday. You wouldn’t think, but babies are geniuses!


The first few months after delivery was a roller coaster ride (as cliché as it may sound). It actually doesn’t even begin to explain the emotions a new mom feels. And Dad too! My labor story could be made into a movie, but I will go into that in another post. 


After moving back to San Francisco, (I delivered in NY, where our families live), I was lucky to have a live-in nanny for a month and a half. She is leaving on Saturday, and I’ve found myself in a bit of a lurch. I don’t know about you, but I turn to Google for everything. “How to be a working stay at home mom” “Meal planning” “How to get organized as a new mom” “Yoga studios with baby and me classes” etc. It’s always helpful reading forums with other mommies in the same position. Makes me feel like a part of something bigger. So perhaps, I’d like to pay-it-forward by adding my own experiences.


I hope I’m not alone when I say, that I get all these great ideas and decide to run with it, only to find myself losing steam a short ways in. (Much like blogging :p )I’m almost debating whether I should post this right now, or write a few more posts to see if I’d continue.


So, why am I bothering? Because, being a mom is an experience unlike any other. It’s incredible, tough and oh, so sweet. I want a place to share my honest thoughts and ideas because of course; I have grand plans for our new family of three.