Whisk Me Away LLC

My quarter-century birthday was this past December, and it was a great one. Why, you may ask? Before leaving for New York for the holidays, I sent in my forms, with hopes that by chance it would be officially registered on my birthday. What I got in the mail, was a "Welcome to California" letter stating that my new business was born on December 11th!

I finally took the step and launched Whisk Me Away as a Cottage Food Operation. I've been baking for years now and was in midst of starting it up in New York with the support of my amazing family, when we learned that my husband and I were moving across the country. After spending the first 5 months setting up our new home, adjusting to an entirely new city and traveling a lot for family, I decided now was the time.

I currently have a temporary (and not so pretty) website up until inspiration ensues for the main one. Working with my super talented friend and college roomie; we've had a blast brainstorming ideas on how to portray the company's personality through design. You'll see some brainstorm action on Instagram/Twitter every now and then. @whiskmeawaysf

Besides design, I'm researching which farmers markets/food events to take part in, buying the necessary supplies for this venture and contemplating whether or not to offer vegan or gluten-free treats.

Starting up has been great so far. I'm expecting a lot of flour storms in the kitchen, taste-testing, late night/early morning emails with my cool designer friend, Aashika, and creating a friendship with my oven- who, by the way, is exceptionally moody. But it's a passion project after all, so fun is key! 

I hope San Francisco likes me! (Didn't mean to rhyme there).


Designed by: Aashika Gupta

Designed by: Aashika Gupta