Terrarium: DIY

Last month, my friend and I went to the San Francisco Flower Market to make a terrarium! She landed an awesome job, and I decided to make her a one as a ‘congrats’ gift. She wanted to learn as well, so we went together on an early Saturday morning to the San Francisco Flower Market.

I had already bought a really cool terrarium from West Elm, with three glass containers attached, so we went prepared. 

Don’t be intimidated, its fairly easy to make terrariums. It’s a thoughtful and gorgeous gift, and the perfect tabletop accent for every home. What’s super great about them is that you don’t need to be a pro-gardener. Succulents are very easy to take care of, low-maintenance plants. So lets get started:






What you'll need:

  • Gravel
  • Succulents
  • Dirt
  • Pebbles, Moss or Sand
  • Terrarium



Step 1

Go to your local flower market and choose some succulents. Remember, to think of the size of your terrarium. You don’t want to over stuff them with plants. Aesthetically speaking, try some nice contrasting colors and different sizes. Maybe do 1 main succulent, with some small reddish-purple succulents.


Step 2:

Put a layer of gravel on the bottom of the container to help with drainage. (We forgot to do that in these pictures, oopsie)



Step 3:

Use the soil from the plants you bought, and start potting them as per your likes. Twist them around gently and make sure they are compact. Take care not to rip the roots.



Step 4:

You can surround the plants with sand, moss or pebbles. Or if you want to add a little extra, you can buy those funny cute figurines, like a dinosaur! I promise- they are awesome.



Step 5:

Keep succulents in sunlight, and every two weeks or so add a little bit of water. Succulents should be 80% dry according to the storeowner we spoke to at the market. There you go! You’ve got yourself a gorgeous tabletop accent for home! Give yourself a pat on the back. 



Here are some other terrariums hanging up in our house. There's a lot of scope for creativity!

Let us know how yours turned out! 'Till next time :)