Mini Balloon Cake Toppers

To me, a cake represents happiness because its eaten on the happiest days of our lives. Birthdays, weddings, graduations and retirements, its shared with the people you love. A cake symbolizes moments you take mental snapshots of, that you never want to forget. 

Yesterday, being my husbands birthday and my need to make birthdays a way bigger deal than most, I started off by baking his favorite cake. (Chocolate cake with a coffee-chocolate frosting).

After spending a little too long on it and getting the rustic look, I found myself confused as to how to decorate the top of the cake. My handwriting being pretty illegible, writing "Happy Birthday Chirag" wasn't exactly an option. I then realized that I had bought these darling little balloons to decorate the house with, so why not add them as a cake topper.

So with the candle lit, we Facetimed his parents from the east-coast and we all sang an off-key version of Happy Birthday to our guest of honor.


Here is a our super quick DIY to make your happy day, even better!

Step 1: Buy some wooden or bamboo skewers, and some miniature balloons (5 in.)




Step 2: Once you fill up balloons and knot them, you have to thread the skewer through the knot. Be careful not to pop the balloon! 

Step 3: Voila! You've got yourself mini balloon cake toppers! All thats left is arranging it on the cake. Here's what we did.

Hope you enjoyed our quick DIY project. Maybe try them on cupcakes next time!


On a side note, here is how I displayed all his gifts!