Acai Berry Bowl

A few months ago my parents came to visit us in San Francisco. It was the first time my dad saw our place, and mum hadn’t been able to come after she helped us move in a year and a half ago. So the trip was way overdue and we had been looking forward to it for quite a while. We had all these plans on where to take them, what to do and most importantly what to eat. Among all that, I wanted to make a healthy yet artfully presented breakfast for them, one that I know they had never tried. Acai Berry Bowls! You must be thinking that it takes basically no effort. You’re right, that was the best part. I didn’t have to create a huge mess in the kitchen, which would have caused mum to run around the kitchen cleaning everything in her path instead of relaxing. The smoothie bowl was freshly made, super healthy and looked very pretty. My parents eat with their eyes first.




So here is a simple recipe for when you want to “wow” someone with a healthy breakfast treat.


1 frozen acai berry packet

Handful of blueberries and raspberries


Coconut water

1 coconut

Chia Seeds

Granola (I used my Mom’s granola, which was divine!)

Sunflower Seeds

Mango Slices

Fresh Flowers


1. In a food blender, add the acai packet, half a banana, berries and coconut water. Blend until nice and smooth. Don’t add too much coconut water, you want the consistency to be like a thick soup.

2. Break the coconut in half, and pour the smoothie into the bowl.

3. Top with the rest of the ingredients, along with banana slices. Lastly, add fresh flowers to bring all the elements together.

4. Serve cold, and dig in!


Once we ate/drank the smoothie I washed the coconut and took out all the pieces from the shell and froze it. It will be used for another coconut-based smoothie. I do have to admit, I ate a bunch of while taking it out.

By the way, smoothie bowls are very forgiving and give you the capability to get very creative with them. Don’t be afraid to try new fruits, and new toppings.