JILLY INK & WHISK ME AWAY SF [launched August 2015]


Time & Date: June 2015 just in time for an afternoon snack

Meet up Place: Tartine Bakery

Our newest collaboration is with a skilled calligrapher and illustrator based in Oakland, California. After a coffee meet, we came up with a fun idea to bring together calligraphy and baking. How is that possible you may wonder? With whimsical prints about Whisk Me Away! Jillian created 3 prints exclusively for us that shows different perspectives of the baking life. Follow us on social media to see it come to life or get some prints for yourself in our Order page. Cheers to the startup life!

About Jilly Ink:

Jillian Schiavi has been cultivating a love for lettering and typography since the fifth grade. From the days of writing out her mother's grocery lists to now illustrating editorial stores, tattoos, wedding invitations, and merchandise prints, she offers a unique style and outlook to any artistic project that incorporates text.

She welcomes the opportunity to make life a little more beautiful and a little less legible through her calligraphy services. She hopes to brighten every day by sharing some, or all of this, with anyone who's interested.

Visit Jilly Ink to see more of her work.