Sugar & Stamp x Whisk Me away sf [launched november 2015]


The Instagram community is filled with potential, whether it may be getting your name out, making friends or meeting professionals in your industry, it's filled with wonder. I met Lori through this platform and after a FaceTime chat we decided to collaborate!

Lori Bailey is a professional illustrator and a fellow self-taught baker. Sugar & Stamp came about after she decided to take both of her passions and make it into one. She started with very successful KickStarter campaign, and launched her company this year. Lori so sweetly designed two fabulous cookie boxes exclusively for us!

One that's designed for our customer favorite, Brookies.

The second, simply put is, completely true. "Cookies make everything better" For birthdays, graduations, weddings, showers and even apologies, its a box that works with every occasion.

Each design comes in black and white or in color, depending on your preference. Honestly, it's the ultimate gift. Yummy, freshly baked treats and hand-illustrated boxes.

Visit our order page to get a box of cookies!